Sunday, June 09, 2013

“Stromboli” paper pulp pendant lamp

From a gray paper pulp I created a form that resembles - a volcano. The structure of the lamp is gray, bumpy and irregular, refers to the dried lava. When the light is turn on, the dormant volcano comes to life, and the light is spilling out of it like a lava pushing through. The light that spills out through the holes creates a diverse mosaic of shadows in the whole room.

This lamp is made entirely from paper pulp obtained using only old newspapers.

Therefore it’s 100 % recycled and eco-friendly.

Each paper pulp lamp is different and unique.

Give it light with energy-saving bulbs, they’re very efficient and long lasting!

Supplied with red or blue textile cable (made by Merlotti).

Dimensions: 43 cm high x 45 cm wide.
 Handmade in Poland.

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