Sunday, July 21, 2013

Decorated Vintage breakfast table

This little table is very versatile: ideal for a nice breakfast in bed or working comfortably with your laptop.
The wooden legs and borders make the structure solid, thanks to the worktop made of plywood it is also lightweight and easy to handle.
Equipped with folding and lockable legs, it turns from a table to the original tray which can be used at home or in the garden. The table is finished with a special, water based lacquer, natural and waterproof that allows you to be messy with drinks and clean it simply with a wet cloth.
This piece is unique and completely handmade, inspired by an eco-friendly philosophy.
Dimensions: 60 cm x 38 cm and the high 30 cm.

 You can purchase this table on following websites: Dawanda, Etsy

The table before:


The table after:

“Calyx of flower III” paper pulp pendant lamp

I make pulp from the newspapers, which flood us with information every day. The content of daily news is slowly digested, and at the end of the day land forgotten in the waste basket. This conglomeration of unwanted, chewed up information has become a base to create something new and lasting. The "cup of flower" series refers to the birth of a fresh and new structure. The form of this lamp resembles a flower in different stages of development. The light comes through the porous surface of the cup and creates soft shadows around the room, complementing the decor of the interior and completely transforming its atmosphere.
Lamp is in 100 % recycled and eco-friendly.
Each paper pulp lamp is different and unique.
Supplied with red/blue/yellow textile cable (made by Merlotti).
Dimensions: 25 cm high x 39 cm wide.
Handmade in Spain.